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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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5 news this morning. >> enjoy your monday everybody. "cbs this morning" is up next "cbs this morning" is up next and captioning funded by cbs good morning to you in the west. it is monday, september 14, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly fire rips through a california town and surrounds people trying to escape. we are in the community leveled by the flame. the kentucky clerk locked up for defying the supreme court same sex marriage ruling returns to work and stands by her beliefs. novak djokovic is in studio 57 today fresh off his hard-fought victory at the u.s. open. but we begin with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> dozens and dozens of homes have been destroyed. within 12 hours we had 40 acres
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burned. this fire was moving from the get-go. >> it was a bunch of black smoke coming up behind me. it was something that you see in movies, you know what i mean? back to work after six days in jail. >> i just want to be with my neighbors without violating my conscience. donald trump maintains his lead among gop candidates. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is losing ground. >> the american people are sick and tired of establishment politics. the department of homeland security says it disrupted a threat made against pope francis ahead of the pope's trip to the u.s. three arizona teenagers under arrest accused of being copy-cats who used slingshots to hurl stones at cars. >> what the kids were doing is absolutely lethal. in japan a volcano sending plumes of black and white smoke into the air. no reports of injuries or damage. your new miss america is --
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miss georgia! >> all that -- >> a touchdown. that is just crazy. the cowboys have defeated the giants. >> that's a crocodile with a little piece of meat. >> i wouldn't want to get stuck in the water with that. >> and all that matters -- >> the u.s. open champion, double digit grand slam club. >> you can always give your best on the court and it was an incredible evening for me. -- >> on "cbs this morning." >> this day wasn't about a train, it was about a queen who just keeps chugging along. >> you cannot compare queen elizabeth to a train. the one thing, people need trains. trains do serve a practical purpose in the modern era. you're being mean to trains. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the wet parts of california under a state of emergency, because of an explosive and deadly wildfire. crews are struggling this morning to contain the valley fire. one person has been killed and the fire has destroyed 400 acres, that's 78 square miles. >> the valley fire is one of 12 burning across the dry california landscape. danielle nottingham is in a town devastated by the flames. middletown is 30 miles north of napa valley. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm surrounded by the rubble of what was a 50-unit apartment complex here in middletown. it's just one of hundreds of buildings destroyed by the valley fire. fire officials say they haven't seen land scorched at this rate of speed in 30 years.
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>> i saw it coming and said let's get out of here. >> reporter: hamid heidary returned on sunday to find the apartment complex he lived in burned to the ground. the remnants still smoldering. >> it's hard to believe what is going on. i've never seen devastation like this. >> reporter: less than 24 hours earlier flames engulfed the complex as the wildfire raced into the heart of this town of 1300. entire blocks of houses burned to the ground. >> it's just utter chaos. there's nothing like it. >> reporter: as people scramble to evacuate the area, many say scenes like this surrounded by fire at every turn. >> it was traffic for days, people just grabbing everything they could, bags, just throwing them on the roofs of the car. >> reporter: the flames moved so quickly they surprised even seasoned fire officials. >> as we see right now to our left, we better step back. >> reporter: the fire erupted saturday afternoon and grew
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quickly thanks to the drought-parched forest and strong erratic winds that reached up to 30 miles per hour. >> there was no stopping it. you couldn't get in the way. you had to get out of the way. >> reporter: the devastation became all too apparent on sunday. businesses, homes now just rubble. >> we are fairly certain that we've lost our home. >> reporter: dwayne harper is one of many people that can only wait until the evacuation order is lifted to find out if his house is still standing. what's it like not knowing for sure? >> we would like to know. it would be -- some closure. >> reporter: the governor of california has declared a state of emergency in napa and lake counties. more than 1400 firefighters are battling the valley fire. it's burning so close to populated areas it's now the state's top priority. >> danielle, thank you. the defiant county clerk in kentucky is back on the job for the first time since going to jail. kim davis spoke to a crowd
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gathered to support her cause. >> the decisions i have made in this case and the decisions i will continue to make in this case are mine and mine alone. i don't want to have this conflict. i don't want to be in the spotlight. and i certain lly don't want toe a living post. >> we are live with jericka duncan now with more. good morning, jericka. >> reporter: good morning. earlier today seven law enforcement officials surrounded kim davis as she stood next to her son who is a deputy clerk here. kim davis delivered a six-minute speech and at times was very emotional. returning to work for the first time, kim davis spoke adamantly about her choice to continue rejecting same sex couples applying for marriage licenses. >> effective immediately, any
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marriage license issued by my office will not be issued or authorized by me. >> reporter: outside the courthouse this morning, davis said her decision was one based on her faith and her conscience. >> i am no hero. i am just a person who has been transformed by the grace of god who wants to work and be with my family. zbl >> reporter: last week a federal judge released davis from behind bars on the condition she should not interfere with the clerks issuing the licenses. >> i just want to give god the glory. his people have rallied and you are a strong people! >> reporter: thousands cheered on the county clerk but not everyone is giving her a hero's welcome. over the weekend this billboard defending same sex marriage popped up near the county courthouse, it reads, dear kim davis, the fact you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we already redefined marriage.
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the nonprofit organization planting peace paid for the ad. >> we're trying to send a message that will inspire her to think through this, to recognize that she is acting as an agent of the government. if she can't fulfill this duty, she needs to resign. >> reporter: at least one same sex couple is expected to come here today to ask for her marriage license. davis still has her doubts about whether the documents issued by her deputy clerks are valid without her validation. she feels she must issue these without being thrown into jail and she will not take action against them. >> thank you so much. a cbs new poll out this morning shows democratic voters are split over whether joe biden should enter the 2016 campaign. the battleground tracker poll measures three early voting states, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. nearly half of south carolina democrats think the vice president should run. but most democrats in new
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hampshire say biden should stay out. donald trump leads the republican race in all three states. ben carson is running a close second in iowa. nancy cordes is not on the ticket but in washington to show us how the neurosurgeon is challenging the billionaire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not only is ben carson running a close second in iowa, but he's also the top second choice candidate. what that means is that roughly one in five gop voters in all three early states say they would back carson if their top choice dropped out. >> ben's a doctor and he's not a deal maker. >> reporter: calling into cbs's "face the nation" on sunday, donald trump fired on ben carson, his closest competitor. >> he's not a dealer, he's not a negotiator and the president -- we have to bring wealth back to our country. ben can't do that. >> reporter: it's part of a recent trend. trump calling out his political insiders. >> people don't have energy. i don't think think ben has the
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energy. we need people that are really smart that have tremendous deal-making skills and that have great, great energy. >> i knew that i had the ability -- >> reporter: the soft spoken neurosurgeon declined to comment on trump. >> i think i'll leave that up to others. >> reporter: but he said the country needs someone with humility. >> everyone things they are the best thing. if you are a businessman, only the businessman can solve the problems. ed that's ridiculous. >> reporter: carson is not the only one in trump's cross hairs. >> here's the headline, carly, a surgeon, has 3%. >> now you have this lightweight guy from bobby jindal, a total lightweight. >> reporter: he said rand paul's home state of kentucky is embarrassed by him. >> he's weakened the military. he has no chance. >> reporter: the only one he's praised recently has been former texas governor rick perry after
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dropping out of the race on friday. >> he's a nice man and i'm sure he'll have a fantastic future. >> reporter: a new cbs poll shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by ten points in iowa and 22 points in new hampshire. >> the american people in my strong view are sick and tired of establishment politics, of establishment economics. >> reporter: but clinton leads by 23 points in south carolina. that's the next state on the primary calendar. and her campaign is counting on southern states like that one to help blunt sanders' momentum. thank you. the company handling hillary clinton's private e-mail server says they have no knowledge that the machine was wiped. according to "the washington post," there's a chance of recovering tens of thousands of deleted e-mails. hillary clinton says she only threw out private e-mails from her time as secretary of state. two high-ranking senators say they want the e-mails to be recovered if at all possible. another new poll this morning shows a majority of
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americans disapprove of the way clinton has handled the e-mail controversy. only 42% of democrats in the national poll are backing her now. in july, 63% said they wanted her to be the party's nominee. cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> it's clear the e-mail issue is causing great damage. how is it damaging her? >> well, i think two ways, directly and indirectly. on the one hand, people are taking readings from her response to the controversy surrounding e-mail situation and you are taking an unfavorable view of her. thinking she's not honest and trustworthy. but there's a secondary way it hurts her, which is the more the coverage focuses on the e-mail story and the different answers from her, the less chance she has to talk about anything else. the less chance she has to say something exciting and the voters might be able to rally
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around. >> what surprises me is the decline in women from 71% in july to 42% now. >> that is striking. one of the cases for the clinton candidacy is in a general election she'll have a special poll on women. so many times i talked to people who said we're going to pull over conservative women who like the fact she's a female candidate. and so that's a shot deep into the base of her support. >> john, are there new signs this morning that joe biden may be considering getting in the race? >> yeah, john, our friend, writes from bloomberg, that joe biden has met with a top obama bunther and clinton supporter. this shows the vice president directly involved in the process of thinking about building a campaign. so if he's waiting to jump into the pool, this is him laying out the swimsuit and the goggles and towel. this is the stuff you would do -- he hasn't made that final decision to jump in, but he's got it all laid out. >> and i guess the other interesting thing that john reports on is that the timetable
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may be shifting. biden may get in late october or november. >> yeah. this scenario is sort of waiting for the clinton collapse. so imagining that she continues to have difficulty that her testimony, perhaps on the benghazi matter before congress, doesn't go well. and that it creates a further pull for him to get into the race. the challenge for him, and this will be a channel for any candidate, is to wait that long. once you start looking more and more like you're running, you have the meetings with big fund-raisers, there's a pull. and if he can hold that off, that will be something -- that will be extraordinary. >> we'll be watching. john dickerson, thank you. a man accused of killing a kentucky state trooper is now in custody. the shooting happened late last night on interstate 24 in lyon county 40 miles he's of paducah. joseph cameron ponder was chasing a car during a traffic stop and shot multiple times. police closed the highway
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hunting down the suspect that was taken into custody after dawn. lawmakers are expressing concerns over safety of prone francis when he visits the united states next week. authorities disrupted a threat against the pope. he did not get into any specifics. a senior law enforcement official tells cbs news there is no credible threat to the pope and they have seen nothing to indicate there is an issue. several children are among the 30 immigrants who died this weekend when their boat capsized near greece. more refugees arrived on a boat this morning. they are traveling in record numbers. european nations are struggling to cope. germany is tightening its borders. hungary is taking steps to cut off the flow of the migrants. charlie d'agata is along the serbian border. good morning. >> reporter: part of the crackdown means sealing off the border in the next couple of days. up until now, hungarian policy
7:16 am
to cut off the migrants coming here, but they don't want to do that. they don't trust the police. and if you're going to buses, that means being sent off to reception centers and made to register in hungary. but this morning we watched something else happen for the first time. we followed a bus of migrants who were taken to a train station headed to austria straight out of hungary. after the horror stories we heard of getting trapped, a man from damascus was dumbfounded. >> this train goes to austria. and from austria we are going to sweden. >> reporter: so many before him got stuck here for days pressured to register for asylum before traveling onward. >> happy. we are the ones who close the door. yeah. very lucky. i'm really lucky. >> reporter: hungary is about to close the door, harsh new laws went into effect this week to keep the migrants out and they have sent troops to catch anyone
7:17 am
who still manages to get in. we have even seen prison inmates enlisted in a race to finish the razor-wire fence between hungary and serbia. things just got tougher on the other side of their journey, too. german officials who have seen hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into the country say its reaching the limits and decided to temporarily introduce border controls, meaning migrants may be leaving here but not actually able to get there. stuck in the middle again. now what's going to happen when they seal this border? migrants will do what they always do, find another way. however, slovakia and austria will do more for border controls. >> charlie d'agata, thank you so much. the first nfl game for the giants ended with a big loss.
7:18 am
quarterback eli manning is getting much of the blame. they left the giants enough time to score the winning touchdown with just seven seconds to go. and another high-profile match-up, the two top picks met in tampa, number one beat number two. marcus mariotta threw four touchdown passes. and jamis winston saw his first pass intercepted for a touchdown. and both the broncos and chiefs are up 1-0 this morning. they will face-off in kansas city on the season premier of "thursday night football" this week right here on cbs. >> where is it, norah? >> cbs thursday night. tennis superstar novak djokovic has had trouble winning the u.s. open over the years but not last night.
7:19 am
>> novak djokovic is strongest again. >> the world number one player beat the second-seeded roger federer in four sets. in last night's final, they played 42 matches against each other. each of them has won 21 games. >> he's always going to take the best out of you. and that was needed from my side in order to win this trophy. and it was quite an incredible evening for me. >> it was djokovic's second u.s. open victory and the tenth grand slam, double digits, title of his career. we'll talk to novak djokovic in studio 57 coming up ahead on "cbs this morning." charlie, you were there. i felt the loud noise through the tv screen at home. i can't imagine what that was like. >> novak was so good. a number of laser strikes
7:20 am
against planes is creating an unprecedented danger in the sky. how a lase,, announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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a murder confession in a deadly drowning may not stand up in court. ahead an expert shows "48 hours" why he thinks investigators tricked the defendant. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. and a good monday morning everyone, it's 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening at this hour. the destructive valley fire is now 61,000 acres and parts of lake napa and sonoma counties. only 5% containment. cal fire says at least 400 homes have been destroyed or destroyed and at least 17,000 people have been evacuated. american red cross is helping those displaced and it's asking for online donations. sped for valley fire clients. the vta is beefing up rail service in santa clara tonight as the 49ers' monday night football game will add thousands to the evening commute in the south bay. you can watch it live right here at 7:00 on chan,,,,,,,,
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good morning, i'm gianna franco in the kpix 5 traffic center. westbound right near airway. it's causing a pretty big backup. everything is off to the right shoulder, about a 48 minute ride from the top of the altamont pass to 680 on the westbound side. and you can see it gets better witness you're past the accident towards the dublin interchange. north 101, two separate accidents one at peninsula and at millbrae. they're nucleid but still very slow and go northbound so 1 just -- 101 just before 92. delays at sfo up to one hour on some arriving flights due to the cloud cover out there. good evening everyone. as you step out the door current air temperatures in the 50s and now 63 in oakland. concord and livermore. unseasonably mild away from the bay today and temperatures up to about 78, 79 degrees. 60s at the beaches and hey, we have a slight chance ,,,,,,,,,,
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are a volcano in southern japan erupted this morning sending smoke in the air. no homes in the area and we are happy to say there were no immediate reports of injury. welcome back. coming up in this half hour, the growing danger in the sky from laser strikes. the number has increased by ten times since 2006. ahead a firsthand look from a pilot who has been hit five times. a woman gives police a false confession in the death of her
7:31 am
fiance. angelika graswald is in jail accused of causing a drowning. and happened in a restricted part of egypt's western desert last night. jepgs officials say security forces hunting terrorists mistakenly fired on tourists. four people died. the u.s. embassy in cairo is looking into whether an american was involved. the federal reserve meets wednesday and thursday. economists are divided on whether the central bank will raise its benchmark interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. recently volatility in the financial markets could delay the move. "the washington post" reports on record low gas prices. aaa this morning, says that the
7:32 am
national average is $2.33. that is the lowest in more than ten years. following the labor day holiday. a year ago, gas was more than a dollar more. the philadelphia enquirer reports on the death of nba star moses malone. he was on the 76ers team that won the nba championship. the hall of famer died in his sleep sunday in norfolk, virginia, at age 60. he was scheduled to appear in a charity golf tournament. malone is the nba's career leader in offensive rebounds which earned him the nickname chairman of the board. the new york daily news reports that mayor bill de blasio says an investigation must be completed before any decision to fire a police officer who tackled former tennis star james blake. blake called for the officer to be fired because of a history of excessive force complaint. last week, james blake was arrested outside of a hotel was a case of mistaken identity and that officer is on desk duty.
7:33 am
the mayor and police commissioner have both apologized to blake. police in arizona want drivers to be more vigilant after the arrest in the shootings investigation. it follows 11 incidents in two weeks and most happened along ssault and endangerment and criminal damage and the woman of one of those men is defending her son. the investigation say the 18-year-old admitted to shooting sling shots and rocks to cars on saturday. >> you have to thank the two witnesses who were smart enough to get the license plate. >> these are kids out thinking maybe they would come up with some good idea. >> he said, mom, i'm sorry and i never meant for any of this to happen or for anyone to get
7:34 am
hurt. >> reporter: michelle german comrams her son albert didn't know about the i-10 shootings. >> yes, the kids were stupid and i agree. but they weren't trying to hurt anyone and i know my son better than that. >> i have a 9 millimeter. >> reporter: these armed officers hit the streets in arizona. >> heard any gunshots or anything like that? >> reporter: they are on the lookout for leads and for anyone who can point them to a shooter. >> we let the law enforcement agencies know right where we're at and i will call dps and let them gnome how many of you are going out patrolling. >> reporter: since august 29th, nearly a dozen vehicles traveling on or near interstate 10 have been damaged and eight hit by bullets and three were struck with small projectiles likely from a bb or pellet gun. >> we will investigate.
7:35 am
the message is to the people to be vigilant. >> we have eyes and ears everywhere in arizona. they are called the motorists and we need the motorists to understand that it's more important to us that they give person who calls in the tip that leads to an arrest. >> two numbers this morning show laser strikes on airliners are reaching a record high. sky harbor airport in phoenix has reported 139 cases, more than any other airport. the fbi says five strikes reported in the cleveland area during the labor day weekend alone. chris van clear is at wash
7:36 am
that is ruffle half of all of the reports of last year. >> american 1472. we have got a green laser shooting at us right off the left wing about a mile out. >> reporter: the faa saw a massive summer hike in what is known as laser strikes. people pointing high-powered green lacers at planes often during takeoff or landing and this demonstration shows how the bright light can temporarily blind pilots. >> we suffered retinal burning that continued on for a while. >> reporter: robert hamilton is an airline captain who says he has been lasered on five different flights. >> we have a complete checklist and change our speed and change our pitch attitude and prepare the aircraft for landing or taking off and, at that moment, to have our vision taken away from us is the most critical
7:37 am
phase of flight is a very serious safety risk. >> reporter: ophthalmologist says that damage could be permanent. >> certainly, if a pilot has a retina burn and is permit nationally damaged they cannot be a pilot any more. >> reporter: this is a laser pointer we bought online for about 50 bucks. at night you can see how intense these green lights can be. we are standing on a golf course and 500 yards down here i can easily hit the pin on the 17th green. >> this is a very dangerous thing to do where you're interfering with af navigation and significant penalties that go with doing that and we will find you. >> reporter: laser strikes up 10-fold since 2006. the fbi has opened 28 investigations into laser strike incidents. chris warner is a deputy assistance director of the fbi and believes only a matter of
7:38 am
time a laser strike causes an aviation accident. >> when it happens, it's endangering the lives of in prison and $250,000 fine. >> i never understand why anybody would do something so stupid. >> i agree. >> and jeopardize people's lives that way. >> i know. they will catch who is responsible. >> like the mother who said her child wasn't trying to hurt anybody throwing sling shots off the highway. new doubts about a guilt of a woman accused of murdering her
7:39 am
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. ♪ to any of us, this guy has anger management issues. he is reportedly upset that the chinese auto dealer wouldn't refund his money even though the 145,000 dollar car stalls all the time. so he took a golf club to it in front of the dealer. not a good idea. >> i don't care what kind of auto dealer it is, just the fact this they don't listen to you. you can say angry men with a of
7:44 am
interrogation tapes and he is not convinced. he shared his opinion with peter van sant. >> these two set out on the hieds hudson river on a kayak. into the journey, the kayak cap-sized. >> reporter: the two disappeared under water. ten days later, graswald was arrested for immediasecond-degr murder. investigators say she removed a plug from the kayak causing it
7:45 am
to fill with water. her alleged motive? a 250,000 insurance payout and a relationship that had soured. >> i wanted him dead and now he is gone. >> reporter: jim trainen knows interrogations as well. as a form detective for the police department, he conducted hundreds of them and is a national expert on false confessions. >> we get the person to believe, at least temporarily, that it's in their best interests to tell us what we want to hear. anybody can call victim to it and every single person can give a potentially false confession. >> reporter: train 'em watched every minute of the 11-hour investigation. >> there is clear signs of mappings here. they want a specific answer from her. >> what did you want that day? >> that day? i wanted to be free. >> you wanted him to die?
7:46 am
>> what is the answer? >> reporter: do you believe that every person has a breaking point in an interrogation? >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: after nearly six hours in the interrogation room, tra trainen says graswald and believed to any interrogation that investigators wanted so she could leave. >> i didn't want him -- >> what is the true answer to that question? >> all right! >> what is it? >> i wanted him dead and now he's gone. >> to me, this is a noncrime. this is -- an accident that they made into a criminal offense. >> reporter: "48 hours" wanted to question the prosecutor. a spokesman said no comment will be made before trial. should angelika graswald be in a jail right now as we at the? >> absolutely not.
7:47 am
absolutely not. >> reporter: in new york, peter van sant, cbs news. >> certainly new revelations of "48 hours". >> interesting when you see it all in context. before you only heard i wanted him dead, i wanted him gone but you didn't see what led up to that. >> exactly. the results of an out of this world science experiment two years later. we will show you why it took so long to recover these incredibl,
7:48 am
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7:52 am
the stratosphere before the balloon crashed and then it crashed back to earth. a hiker recently found the camera 50 miles from the launch site and they tracked down the owner. that was a nice thing to do. that is an amazing video. >> i want to see the conditions the gopro is in going that far. >> what a great ad. the gopro always works! katie ledecky is pushing the limits in the pool. she shows what it takes to win the championships ahead on "cbs this morning." queso dip ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. cal fire just announced the valley fire has grown to 61,000 acres in parts of lake, napa and sonoma counties, it's just 5% contained and at least one person is confirmed dead. more than 400 homes are destroyed along with two apartment complexes and ten businesses. about 17,000 people have been evacuated. the vt is adding lightrail service in santa clara this evening as the 49ers' monday night football game will add thousands to the evening commute. the game can be seen right here on kpix 5 at 7:00 ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, chp just clearing an accident westbound 80 at willis, they had a brief traffic alert in place. but again that's been answered as well. still very slow that east shore freeway commute has been pretty tough all morning long. 72 minute ride so over an hour now westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze. it's easing things up just a bit after the bay bridge. westbound -- at the bay bridge. northbound 101 rather 92 to the 80 split. pretty busiment roberta? good morning everyone. partly to mostly cloudy skies that's what's in the forecast and we do have a chance of afternoon rain from the north bay to the south bay. and pretty much all points in- between. temperature-wise, we are in the 50s and 60s and later today, a cooler day and any rain we do get will be less than a tenth of an inch. perhaps less than .05. 60s up to the upper 70,,
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, september 14, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." joe biden's tough choice to run or not to run. first here is a look at today's "eye opener at 8." >> i'm surrounded by the rubble of what was a 50-unit apartment complex here in middletown. kim davis supporters have been here since about 6:00 this morning. >> i want to start without violating my conscience. >> roughly one in five gop voters say they'd back carson if their top choice dropped out. if he's waiting the jump
8:01 am
into the pool, this is him laying tout swimsuit and the goggles and the towel. he hasn't made the final decision to jump in, but he's got it all laid out. slovakia and austria say they're going to do more to enforce their border patrols. responsible for more than 750 strikes in just a three-month period. that's nearly half the total for all of last year. i felt the loud noise from my tv screens at home. >> they were so behind roger and novak was so good. the first nfl sunday of the season ended so bad for new york. >> the buffalo pills family trying to play baseball. after spinning the bat eight times, he tried hitting the ball. it just didn't work out. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. california's governor has declared a state of emergency over deadly wildfires. one perp has died in the valley fire north of san francisco. four firefighters are being treated for second degree burns. >> at least 400 homes have been destroyed. the fire devastated the community of middletown. entire blocks of homes and businesses burned to the ground. the defiant kentucky clerk at the center of the same-sex marriage debate spoke morning at the county courthouse. supporters of kim davis are rallying outside the courthouse in moorehead. she addressed the crowd on her first day back to work. >> effective immediately and until an accommodation is provided by those with the authority to provide it, any marriage license issued by my office will not be issued or authorized by me. >> many showed up to support davis and her religious believes. a federal judge jailed her for refusing to issue licenses to
8:03 am
sem sex couples. she filed an appeal friday to delay the issuing of marriage licenses again. a poll is out this morning, democratic party voters were ask asked. 34% say biden should run. 34% also say no. in new hampshire 44% say biden should not attempt a run. in south carolina 48% of democrats support a biden campaign. that is his strongest backing from the three early voting states. >> the poll was conducted before thursday's emotional interview on cbs's "late show." the vice president told stephen colbert the grief over the loss of his son still overwhelms him. former communications director anita dunn met him with a few weeks ago. what did you see in the interview between the vice president and stephen colbert? >> i think the vice president's
8:04 am
interview with stephen colbert was something june noek in politics, a very private conversation. i think it's fair to say, similar to conversations he's had privately with his friends and supported, but conducted on national television. that was joe biden that you saw. there was no artifice there. >> that was our reaction. when politicians are so scripted in sound bites, this seemed so authentic, like a private conversation. >> it really was. i think your poll this morning actually is a great illustrator of where this decision is for so many people, and certainly the vice president was candid about the fact that, you know, he hasn't made a decision yet. the poll basically saying, hey, it's not clear. and i think he was clear with stephen colbert that he's not going to run unless he feels like he's ready to be president. >> you know the politicians, you know joe biden and his friends. what the you think he'll do?
8:05 am
>> i know politicians well enough to know that i don't predict that until somebody stands in front of the cameras and says what they're going to do. i was the person who sent an advanced team to south dakota for tom daschle's presidential bid. let's move on to hillary clinton. what do you think is happening there? the poll numbers show she's in big, big trouble including among women voters. >> i think the campaign up to now has been so much referendum on secretary clinton. as we move into this next phase of the campaign, a phase of more engagement where the democrats start having debates, more joint appearances, where the focus really starts becoming the choice, i think is going to be a much better phase and having her the figure of the referendum. i also think in the last week you've seen secretary clinton going to her strengths, the speech on iran, really policy. she has probably produced more detailed policy proposals in
8:06 am
this campaign than any other candidate ranging from substance abuse to college affordability to profit sharing, things that really will make a difference. i think at the end of the day that is the place where she is going to be a strong and effective candidate. >> the latest issue of "the atlantic," says it's a bad sign when your campaign needs a reboot, it's a worse sign when you say, we're going to reboot. >> we've all been there. they get written. you move on. >> this is an interesting year. you look at donald trump and ben carson. is there some sense of the country wanting something very different? >> you know, charlie, i was looking at some of the internals in your poll. it is fascinating the difference between the two political parties when it comes to this issue. if you look at your republicans in iowa, for example, in the cbs poll, a great majority of them
8:07 am
want someone who does not have experience in government. they're much more attracted to the outsider business experience. it's very different for democratic candidates. it speaks to a continued polarization in this country in terms of the parties looking for very different things. there's no doubt that that is a rocket fuel right now for donald trump, for carson, for carly fiorina in that republican primary. >> does it have something to do with sanders? >> i think bernie sanders who is one of the most authentic candidates you can get in a year where authenticity really matters, he is what he is. he's comfortable with his positions. he's had them for a long time and i think people are responding to that. >> on this democratic race. john heilemann of bloomberg reporting there are some advising joe biden he can wait until after the first democratic debate, after hillary clinton's benghazi testimony which is october 22 pd.
8:08 am
do you think joe biden can wait that long, late october, early november? >> i'm not part of those discussions. i think once the debates begin, it becomes an engaged campaign and dialogue begins and you want to be part of that dialogue. to the extent anybody cares about my opinion, i'd say go ahead and get in. >> anita dunn has spoken. thank you for joining us. it took a while. but novak djokovic is u.s. open champion once again. he'll be in studio 57 later this morning. he talks about facing roger,,
8:09 am
swimming champ katie ledecky is a teenage force of nature. she shows us what gets her in the pool and keeps her going and going. our new series "pushing the limits" is next here on "cbs this morning." ♪ you make me
8:10 am
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8:14 am
this morning we kic this morning we kick off our series "pushing the limits. katie ledecky is called the best swimmer on the planet. she started by winning the gold medal at the age of 15. we asked ledecky how she sets and beats her personal bests. >> let's do a quick review of what happened at the world championships. what medal did you get in the 200 meter freestyle. >> gold. >> 400 meter sfree style? >> 800. >> gold. >> 20 meter relay? >> gold. >> 50 meters left. >> in this year's world championships in russia, 18-year-old katie ledecky did what no swimmer has done before. >> world champion again in world record fashion.
8:15 am
>> she won every single race in the freestyle category. >> she is blowing right by that red line. >> it's a feat now known as the ledecky slam. >> unpress tented, unthinkable. the sports feat of the decade. they're calling you the greatest athlete in the world. >> thanks. i mean, i don't really think on those terms. >> she's feeling it. >> and as if making history with five wins isn't enough, before the main events even started, she swam a routine qualifying round without really trying yet still managed to break her own world record. >> she outtouched her old record. >> how did you feel during that race? >> i felt so relaxed, just very easy and that's why it surprised me that i had broken my world record. >> you hit the wall. you came out of the water. what did you do? >> i got of smiled.
8:16 am
i think i shrugged to my coach bruce. >> tell me about your first race, how was it? >> when she was 6 years old ledecky's older brother started swimming, so she decided she wanted to try it, too. even then she seemed to take a relaxed approach to her races. >> what were you thinking about in the pool sf. >> nothing. >> ledecky quickly took to it and she started competing regularly. when she was 9, she met one of her role models at an autograph signing, olympic champion michael phelps. >> five years later i was on the olympic team. it was pretty surreal in that moment to think back to meeting him when i was just starting to swim. >> he says you swim like a guy. >> i think he's talking a little bit about my technique. >> describe that, what that is? >> kind of a loping stroke. it's not the prettiest stroke, but it's what's most efficient for me.
8:17 am
i think i kick a little more than most swimmers do. >> ledecky's coach, bruce gemmell knows her stroke well, working with her since 2012 right after she scored her first olympic gold at the london games. at just 15, she was the youngest member of team usa. >> how does katie push past the limits? >> she's got a great training group, mostly boys, and she's willing to compete with them every single day. >> she's swimming with boys, training with guys. >> she's training mostly with the guys, yes. >> does she beat them a fair amount? >> oh, sometimes. >> yes! >> gemmell says it's a mix of training, technique and jn etices that has made ledecky a rare breed. a record setting endurance athlete and a sprinter all in one. >> nobody can win both a sprint and a marathon. and you do that. how have you been able to train
8:18 am
for that? >> i do what bruce said. we have the approach that every race is a sprint, some are longer than others. i think it's a little different approach than most people have. but that's how i swim my races. >> what do you eat? >> i eat whatever my mom makes me. >> ledecky will still be a teenager at that time 2016 games in rio where she could repeat her ledecky slam across a total of seven events. if she does, it will be a feat no other female swimmer has accomplished. >> heading into the olympics in rio, do you feel added pressure? >> no, i don't. i'm just maintaining the same mindset i had going into the olympics and olympic trials. whatever happens, happens. >> come on. no pressure? >> no, not at all. the great thing is i have a great support system around me with my family. everybody is there to support
8:19 am
me. that takes all the pressure off. >> think about that. to be 18 years old and be potentially the greatest female swimmer on the planner. she deferred enrollment to stanford and taking classes at georgetown in the meantime so she can train for the 2016 olympics. >> great idea for a series and and great one for the kickoff. people challenging the limits. >> she does it by practice, practice, practice. >> and starting very young. >> that's right. >> i actually challenged ledecky to a race with a few conditions. you can see who won this nail biter, my national debut in a speedo swimsuit. that's me on the right. she beats me. i've got a swim cap and goggles on. my kids watched ansaid i looked weird, but i didn't embarrass myself too much.
8:20 am
>> you look good. >> she swam good. >> i know, but i was looking at the bathing suit. >> our series "pushing the limits," tomorrow the scientist who helped the paraplegic man deliver the kick at the world cup is on the biggest breakthrough yet, to merge two brains to heal what seems beyond repair. he shared the screen with oprah winfrey. david oyelow is in the toyota green room. what led him to playing martin luther king to a real life killer on the run. you're watch iing "cbs this morning." a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's...
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8:24 am
love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. your new miss america is miss georgia! betty cantrell. >> betty cantrell is a very happy girl from warner robins, georgia. the new miss america this morning. she ran on a platform promoting healthy eating and sang a song from "madame butterfly." vanessa williams won the title in 1983 but she was forced to resign because of a nude photo scandal. miss america ceo apologized to jaens willia vanessa williams and saying she
8:25 am
has lived with grace. he apologized to her and good monday morning everyone, it's 8:25. time for some headlines, the big story up north, the valley fire still raging in lake county. it's now 61,000 acres and only 5% contained. one person has died and hundreds of homes have been lost. 49ers' regular season kicks off tonight with the prime time match-up against the minnesota vikings. expect some delays around levi's stadium. you can catch all the action starts at 7:00 tonight right here on kpix 5. and speaking of football, fantasy football isn't just for men anymore. a look at how women are joining the online competition of imaginary teams selected from real players, that's all coming up on "cbs this morning." momentarily. but first, a little traffic and roberta has your ,,
8:26 am
my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
8:27 am
good morning, you might want to skip the san mateo bridge this morning. it is just crawling along from end to end. 880 to 101. 49 minutes now. as you work your way across the span. lot of those brake lights do earlier accidents we had on 101 and again 880 itself also busy northbound as you work area way from 238 to the maze. southbound delays all through hayward into fremont. a wreck westbound 80 at pal street blocking lanes. big delays along the east shear
8:28 am
freeway all morning long. metering lights on at the bay bridge and about 56 minutes now westbound 80 totems. checking the drive times for the peninsula north 101, 92 to the 80 split that will take you about 31 minutes. northbound 280 also busy. roberta? good morning everyone. you want to take a good look at this. how far has the marine layer streamed on shore? this is our view from mount vaca. wow. isn't that dramatic? then notice the sky, we do have cloudy conditions today. temperature-wise, we're in the 50s and 60s. and then meanwhile later today under partly to mostly cloudy skies we have a chance of afternoon rain. generally less than a tenth of an inch if we see anything at all. 60s and 70s unseasonably mild away from the bay. outside number today 79 degrees and partly cloudy tuesday. another chance of rain returns to the bay area on wednesday. a little bit more seasonal conditions as temperatures climb by friday through the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ,,,,,,,, welcome back to "cbs this morning." a beautiful picture. coming up in this half hour, actor david oyelowo is in our green room. he is up for an emmy and about to amaze fans. what he was not willing to do plus. also in studio 57, novak djokovic won his grand slam title for the third time last night. he'll talk about beating roger federer and disappointing much of the crowd. that is ahead. right now time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" reports on bad news for pistachio lovers. this year's crop may be down as
8:31 am
much as 70% in california. the mild winter is causing hallow pistachios to fall from the trees. say pistachio three times quickly. >> pistachio, pistachio, pistachio. enough of that quiz! "orlando sent inel." florida man dealing drugs accidentally texts narcotics captain. the man was charged with possession with intent to sell. "time" reports on actor george clooney's push, he says scripts written for men can be adapted to women. he was asked to retool a part in a new movie. clooney says as soon as she did e to promote more
8:32 am
women. 2001 women auditioned and jamie wax is here with the story. >> reporter: the country's ole collegiate theater group have always been men. even though many of the characters portrayed are female. some students think it's time for the group to open the stage door to women. ♪ >> reporter: harvard's hasty pudding theatrical is writing and productiving shows for more than 170 years. famous pudding alumni include u.s. president, a supreme court
8:33 am
justice and actor jack lemmon and others played roles in the pudding but strictly behind the scenes. because while female students have worked as writers, producers, and crew, the only women who have appeared on stage in hasting pudding production aren't really women at all, but men dressed as women. drag, according to the group, is what makes it unique. in a statement to "cbs this morning," they write, having an all-male cast is an artistic decision. presenting men in women's roles is the hasty pudding's artistic trademark. >> just a matter of readjusting that tradition to being more open to the tradition of drag which is men in drag and women in drag. >> reporter: harvard seniors olivia miller and tess davis auditioned for the group over the weekend and convinced others
8:34 am
to follow suit. >> there is really no place on campus for female performers. there are feeder opportunities but nothing where we would have the opportunity to work with a professional director and choreographer. >> i'd like to thank hasty pudding for reminding us how hard it is to write funny jokes. thank you! >> reporter: the lack of female performers gained the attention of amy poehler earlier this year and septembering the hasty pudding award on campus, she addressed the issue. >> it is unsettling there will be no women on stage tonight. you know it's time for a change when the augusta national golf club has laughed you in terms of being progressive. >> we have that women are equally as funny as men. >> reporter: how has this not happened before for the two of you? >> a lot of progress has been made across campus. there are those groups that
8:35 am
somehow slip through the cracks. >> reporter: although none of the women were called back, the aspiring actresses saying getting cast wasn't their only role. >> we are very optimistic that this conversation will continue, whether or not it happens tomorrow or any year. >> reporter: in spite of the results, the women say there is a buzz of change on campus. on friday, one of harvard's eight all male and highly exclusive social clubs invited women for membership for the first time. >> baby steps. i found women to be very funny, haven't you? >> yes, indeed. >> what year is it? >> it's 2015. >> long last. >> we are getting there. actor david oyelowo is known for his portrayal of martin luther king jr. in selma. is the true story of brian nichols in atlanta killed four people while escaping from a
8:36 am
courthouse. the story fos on the relationship between nichols and the woman he held hostage for seven hours. >> i have to use the bathroom. >> go for it. we all have to use the bam bathroom. hey, what are you doing? >> i can't go with you in here. >> i'll turn around. >> i can't go with you standing there. >> i don't trust you. i don't trust you, ashley. what are we going to do? you going to talk? you're going to talk, right? shut the door and you're going to talk, right? hold on. hey! go to mexico. got to rob a bank. that's where we are going. where are we going? >> mexico. >> david oyelowo, welcome to
8:37 am
studio 57. david oyelowo, i saw a headline that said from pillar to killer. david oyelowo, i thought that was kind of clever. >> i went from playing martin luther king to this role. >> i do choose them careful. as wonderful it was to play dr. king, you don't want to be associated with one role the rest of your life. go the complete opposite kind of character. >> a man who says he has demons in him. >> yeah. for people who don't know the story, brian nichols broke out of that jail cell and killed four people in the atlanta courthouse and then captured ashley. >> one of the judge who walked in the courtroom he shot the judge and walked out of the room. >> how did you go about playing this character? >> to be honest, i took it on for the reasons we spoke about. playing a killer is not the most comfortable thing, especially as for me as an actor, it all
8:38 am
involves getting as deep into the head of the person as possible, and someone who did what he did. you know there are some places you have to go, but i don't know. something about what happened with ashley smith that is inspired me. the life she went on to live beyond this event. >> you met with her personally? >> i did. she was on set with us for a lot of the shoot and meeting her and seeing the life she has created after being a meth addict after losing her daughter and her husband had died in a drug-related incident. you know, her life has now turned into beautiful. but she really helped because i didn't get to brian nichols who is serving multiple life sentences. >> she found the humanity in this guy which is very scary. >> i think he went into a state that day that never stopped until he saw the human being that ashley smith was on that day. something about her made his humanity kind of resurface and that is why i believe she didn't
8:39 am
become his fifth victim. >> and thinking about his son. >> and thinking about his son also. the book that they read with each other. it was a human -- the purpose of life. >> what is interesting you really do not know as this day unfolds how it's going to end. >> right. >> true. >> yes. that was a tricky thing. because if you know the story, only took place ten years ago in atlanta. you kind of know how it ended but our job on the film was to keep you on the edge of your seat and the reasons that happened is no one really knows what happened in the seven hours they were in the apartment together. >> let's talk about you and nighting gale. you're the only one on the screen for over 90 minutes nominated for an emmy. how do prepare for that? you moved out of the house. have you a wife and four children. >> i did. i never like to leave them. but this is a guy who had the identity. seven different voices buzzing around in his head, really traumatized guy. i just felt that is not what you
8:40 am
want around your wife and kids so i moved out for the duration of the shoot. >> you required that much focus? >> it did, it did. i think telling the truth costs as an actor. i really don't know how to do that. so yeah, you know, you got to go in hard. brian nichols, that left me feeling pretty hallowed out after playing that role as well. >> you got so into the role, people didn't even know he was british. you're pretending to be british? >> yes. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> nice to have you here. great to see you. come back again. "captive" opens in theaters on friday. tennis star novak djokovic is the new u.s. open champion and he is right here in the studio 57 to talk about his victory. >> look! he is talking to chris!
8:41 am
8:42 am
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8:44 am
♪ some people call me the space cowboy ♪ this morning, novak djokovic is a two-time u.s. open champion. the 28-year-old defeated roger federer, 34 years old, last night in new york city. djokovic has ten grand slam
8:45 am
titles and ten on the all-time list on champions. he joins us now at the table. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> with the trophy. >> with the trophy. it ought to be said you won three of the four grand slam events this year, the same as serena did. >> yes. well, it's been definitely the most successful grand slam year i ever had in my career, so i'm very proud of the experience. this is one of the most biggest trophies we have in sports. the trophy that you work hard for, you know, you dream of winning. so to be able to actually stand alongside it for the second time, it feels like for the first time time, you know? every grand slam trophy is very special. >> why is roger playing so much better these days? >> well, i think roger and nadal and andy murray and myself, we keep on pushing each other's limits. we keep on looking for room for improvement in our game and i think, you know, it's quite impressive what he is doing at
8:46 am
his age and everything he has achieved in his career and still keep on going and fighting so hard. i played back-to-back grand slam finals against him two months ago in wimbledon and i feel like he is improving his game. as he goes along, he came up with a new shot. >> you were ready for it? >> yeah. from an opponent's prospective it's not pleasant but why is he a great champion. he has this commitment and dedication to the sport and remarkable to be a part of hirks -- era. >> was the delay a challenge last night? >> yes, it was. it build up the expectation. >> can i please get out there on the court? >> we didn't know. just a moment of, you know, you don't know what is coming up next. are we going to go out on the court we are warming up, cooling down. the court was also moist and i a
8:47 am
nasty fall in the beginning of the match as well. so it was very tense. but this is what you expect when your playing one of your biggest rivals. >> please take us through the moment of victory for you. the expression on your face was so wonderful. >> all the way to the last point, i didn't know if i was going to close out the match in four sets. i was actually serving the match 5-2 in the fourth set. he came back and he kept pushing and making me play the last shot. that is why he has been out there and the most successful player winning three grand slams. i was fortunate enough to come up with some big serves and get me out of trouble in the last game. when i saw his last return going out, it was huge. a relief. >> can you tell it was going out when it was coming? could you tell it was going out? >> still -- it's behind the line. i didn't know.
8:48 am
i just didn't want to, you know, relax at all and celebrating with my team, obviously, was a very special moment. >> where do you get the mental toughness? >> well, obviously, from my f s fans, you know? my father and my mother have been, you know, also athletes as well, but they have been very, very tough and to be able to allow me, giving me opportunity to play the sport that i love from the circumstances in which we were growing up in and me especially during the '90s and crisis with serbia, it was very difficult for them to actually create such circumstances for me to become a tennis player, so i owe a great gratitude, you know, to them. and we were talking about her, she was my first coach, she was somebody that has shared such an immense passion for this game with me. >> she was amazing. she had make you listen to
8:49 am
classical music? >> yes. it was not only about tennis but about the way you have your lifestyle, the way you approach life in general. >> do you know the did this and you pointed, were you pointing at her or were you pointing at your team? >> i was pointing to everybody. >> do you look at your wife while you're playing? >> of course. she was standing up after, you know, basically every second point, she was on her feet. >> roger has 18, you have 10. can you get past 18? >> i'm going to try my best and i'm going to keep going. >> a long ways. john mcenroe said it was a silver ball and now it's this. you won 3.8.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
8:50 am
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good monday morning everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 8:55. cal fire just announced the valley fire has brown the 61,000 acres in parts of the counties. only 5% containment and at least one person confirmed dead. more than 400 homes have been destroyed along with two apartment complexes and ten businesses. about 17,000 people have been evacuated. and in the sierra foothills, the butte fire has destroyed at least 135 homes and it's burned more than 71,000 acres in amador and calaveras counties and containment there at 30%. vta is adding a lightrail service in santa clara this evening as the niners' monday night football game will add thousands to the evening commute. the game can be seen here. niners and vikings right on channel 5 and it all kicks off
8:56 am
at 7:00. and we can only hope they play a little bit better than the raiders did. >> i was at the game yesterday but the raiders won the coin toss okay? all right, good morning everyone. how far inland has the marine layer gone? look at that. that marine layer has totally overtaken the mount vaca area and above that marine layer, we have partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperature-wise, we are in the 50s and in the 60s. and later today, we have a slight chons showers and anything -- chance of rain showers and anything we see is less than a tenth of an inch bier bring it on. 60s and 70s and a cooler day today only up to about 08 degrees at best. otherwise partly cloudy on your tuesday. by wednesday we have a chance of rain returning right here to the bay area and warmer conditions as we slide into the weekend. a look at your morning commute with gianna is up next right after this.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, i'm gianna franco in the kpix 5 traffic center. a live look at the san mateo bridge. it's been a struggle all morning long. had a couple of accidents along 101 on the peninsula northbound that's just backed everything up here, it's getting better still about 35, 40 minutes as you work your way westbound. bay bridge still stacked up and metering lights are on. almost an hourfrom the maze to 8 #. approaches to the maze are
8:59 am
very business sieve as well. the golden gate bridge moving okay as you go out of marin into san francisco. have a great day. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app.
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